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Avast master password

Avast master password is the component of Avast antivirus. It allows users to generate passwords, autofill data and keeps the sensitive data safe.

It has a built-in password generator and can be used on multiple devices. Except all of these, it is easy to use, completely free and allows to export passwords from Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Avast Master Password VS. Browser Password Saver

Well, you may be thinking that the browsers can itself save your password and autofill data while login in future. Then why you have to use Avast password manager?

Actually, the browser saves passwords in your device which are easily accessible by the attackers/hackers. On the other hand, Avast saves passwords which are fully secure and encrypted so, harder to access. You can also create a master password for protection of data in Avast Passwords.

Avast Master Password Features

Avast password manager’s features are a mixture of security and user ease. In other words, it not only increases your security but also make sure that user can easily use it (autofill data, sync data across devices, etc).

Further features are:

  • Quick Login ? Allow to save login details along with the password so that you can log in with one click.
  • Save Credit Card ? You can save credit/debit cards details in Avast password manager and quickly fill the payment form while purchasing online.
  • Save Personal Data ? You can store personal information in the form of notes to prevent anyone to access it.
  • Master Password ? To secure your data in Avast Passwords, you can set up a master password also.
  • One Touch Login (paid) ? This feature allows to access passwords installed on PC using Android and iOS mobiles.
  • Password Guardian (paid) ? Tells that if you have any duplicate or weak password.

What Happen if you Forgot Master Password?

The master password is the key to access all of your stored data (password or notes). If you have forgotten the master password then, unfortunately, you or any other cannot access the data in the account.

Due to security reasons, Avast can not help you to get the data back. Although, you can reset the password as you will set up the new master password, all the data in that account will be erased which cannot be accessed again.

How to Install Avast Passwords?

Avast password manager is fully free which comes up with antivirus but you can also download and install it separately.

Go to Avast website download it and run the simple installation. You can also use its extension for Chrome or Firefox. The basic version is free while an advance version is also available with some extra features. You can use any of these according to your needs.

What Type of Devices are Supported?

Avast password manager can be used on Windows, Android, iOS and macOS devices.

Sum up (Review)

Our experience like the most community users says that Avast master password or password manager is a great tool which adds another layer of security between your virtual data and thieves.

Try it yourself and tell us your experience by commenting.


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