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AVG Internet Security 2019: Protect your Business from Intruders

It may look like an insignificant detail compared to hiring the right people, maintaining competition, and having enough cash flow to enable the business to operate. But nowadays nothing is more critical to a business, big or small than to protect its company’s data, network, and computer. With cyberspace hacker armies who want to steal your secrets, change your system, this is a vital issue for your business.

With a multi-layered security strategy and several specific defenses, AVG Internet Security Business Edition helps protects small businesses from malware. There may not be EDR functionality or a complete patch management system to investigate successful attacks. However, this program is ideal for malware capture and includes file encryption and fragmentation for which other apps pay extra. Quick and easy to install, the software has no applications for phones and tablets to make the company more mobile.

The price for small businesses is not a good deal, but the cost is quickly falling to make AVG Business Edition, one of the cheapest security programs available. It’s the best choice for growing small businesses that want to protect their digital resources.


Designed with small businesses in mind, the AVG Internet Security Business Edition can protect company computers with overlapping security levels and more specific defenses. The program begins with a traditional virus scan on a known threat database, supported by heuristic analysis, to look for behavioral indications that an attack is in progress.

Everything that goes through these networks is detected by AVG CyberCapture, which sends suspicious files to the company’s cloud computing lab. After a quick scan, a solution is created using artificial intelligence, usually in seconds. The company updates users’ systems several times a day to keep pace with hackers.

Instead of individually configuring the defense of each client, Internet Security Business Edition has a robust policy engine for implementing settings and changes. Any strategy can be applied to a single system, to any group, or all of the company’s IT assets.

AVG’s primary defenses range from Online Shield and its protection against spam and phishing to Link Shield browser extensions to keep employees away from dangerous sites.

AVG Internet Security Business Edition can block wireless and script-based attacks before damage occurs and includes a robust firewall to separate your computer from around the world. All dangerous e-mail attachments are scanned to the company’s SharePoint or Exchange server, and then locally before opening. Anything that could cause damage is quarantined.

AVG Specifications

AVG has PC software that runs from older Windows XP machines (with Service Pack 3) to the latest Windows 10 system, as well as workstations and servers. There are one-month trial versions for software testing.

The Internet Security Business Edition configuration requires a license number in advance. Once the process starts, a quick compatibility check is performed, and a progress window appears in the lower right corner of the desktop.

Security and Performance

AVG Internet Security Business Edition is perhaps one of the best programs to keep dangerous software away from computers and networks in your business. AVG enterprise security software uses the same scanning technology as Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus.

The system scan starts in the Computer section of the application, and you can perform a deep scan, USB port scan, or boot scan. AVG does not offer a formal quick scan option, but you can choose what to look for in your scan files or folders.


The AVG dashboard is straightforward, with a bright green type. It occupies about half of the desktop space of an HD screen and cannot be maximized to full screen. The program taskbar icon can only start the AVG main program.

The top five categories of product protection include

  • Computers: to start scanning
  • Web and email: for Web and email protection
  • Hacker attacks: for the firewall
  • Privacy: for file encryption
  • Payments: with anti-spam control

Each category has a green tick to indicate that everything is safe, with a general checkmark.

AVG Price and Support

With a price starting at $50 for first seat, AVG Internet Security Business Edition is a bit cheaper than its competitors.

AVG support for Internet Security Business Edition is available all day, all night long, allowing employees to send e-mails, call, or use an online chat window, which is ideal for businesses. Web site offers everything from the installation guide to the installation suggestions of the mail server software. There is a contact box accessible at the bottom of the page.

Popular Integrations

Here is a list of popular additions to AVG Internet Security:

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Autotask
  • tiger’s paw



  • Protects your computer against harmful viruses that damage computers, making it difficult to replace due to high costs
  • Easy to install
  • Email and Web protection
  • Analyze outgoing and incoming e-mail messages (including adding footnotes to e-mails that indicate it), ability to “fix” specific files infected with a virus
  • Protection of confidentiality
  • USB or any written protection of the external device
  • Protection against hacker attacks.
  • Mobile security, you can download and install the mobile app.


  • Cannot be used at home without commercial use
  • Does not include “game mode” (silent detection)
  • Always post an ad to buy the professional version.
  • The toolbar uninstall program does not work, but reinstall the supplement if it is removed manually.
  • Although it has regular updates, the paid version has a higher priority for downloading the signatures of the latest viruses.
  • Network drives cannot be scanned on the desktop, and each computer must be running, leaving time for the operator to run it.


The AVG Internet Security 2019 is able to detect and block all types of attacks. The AVG Internet Security Business Edition is designed for small businesses that want security and protection. It can prevent dangerous software, including encryption and destruction of files. This is software all business should embrace with open arms.


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