Best Low-Cost Data Room Software – Pricing review

Today confidential documents from renowned companies are stored in the Virtual Data Rooms. But which one to choose for your activity? In this article, we will consider the best solutions.

How to protect your data during business transactions?

In the modern world, information is becoming a strategic resource, one of the main wealth of an economically developed state. Considering that at present the economic potential is increasingly determined by the level of development of the information structure, the potential vulnerability of the economy from information influences is proportionally growing. The proliferation of computer systems, their integration into communication networks enhances the possibilities of electronic penetration into them.

With the development of computer technology and the use of computer networks, there is a problem with the protection of information sources. Any unauthorized intrusion can lead to the loss of important information, its secrecy, and as a consequence – the use of this information for any selfish purposes. According to experts, the leakage of 20% of commercial information in sixty cases out of a hundred leads to bankruptcy. Thus, using a data room for business operations is a win-win solution.

Virtual Data Rooms have long been offered as an alternative to physical file folder rooms. The cloud-based Rooms enable the documents to be sorted in a structured manner via a folder structure (analogous to a normal computer) in order to have quick access. Compared to the folder structure of web hosting solutions, Data Rooms offer higher security standards and precautions as well as additional functions that simplify and professionalize life, especially when working with third parties. 

Digital Data Rooms are now common practice in corporate and real estate transactions – whether mergers and acquisitions projects (M&A), due diligence reviews (DD), Portfolio management, or document exchange among people with professional secrets. 

The best alternatives of Data Rooms in the low-cost pricing segment

Three simple Data Room pricing models take into account the needs of law firms, tax advisory firms, and real estate companies with very few transactions as well as M&A advice with a large number of accompanied deals per year. Upon completion of the project, your company will receive a notarized sealed DVD of the Virtual Data Room upon request. 

So, there are the following available variants:

  • SecureDocs is an industry-leading Data Room managed by thousands of companies for sharing and storing sensitive documents, both internally and with outsiders. The service is trusted for fundraising, M&A, auditing, company valuations, and much more. If certain events do not take place, the Data Room is used as a secure corporate repository for important documents. The flat fee prices, integrated electronic signatures and intuitive user interface set the platform apart from the competition.
  • CapLinked offers the industry’s leading Virtual Data Room and document management solution. Get started with a free trial of the self-service product in minutes. Or call for expert help on corporate accounts. A full private key API is available for developers. Securely share, track and review all your files and other communications inside and outside your organization. Access your information and securely share it anywhere on any device, browser, or platform.
  • Datasite Acquire is designed for buy-side deal management. It offers corporate development and private equity teams a central location for performing M&A due diligence. Accelerate your transactions and give everyone involved more transparency. Work smarter with secure collaboration tools and advance your deal with improved workflow communication. With Datasite Acquire, you can keep your buy-side due diligence on track.