Dri Avg technologies — what you should know about it

In the article, we are going to distinguish the main features of dri avg technologies and common issues for running AVG antivirus software.

General features of AVG software

AVG antivirus program is the leading one in the network market. The free version is available to all users. Whether you are a newcomer or an experienced user the program provides a large number of protective options for your devices and additional options to the paid version as well. It appeals to easy navigation and simplicity in use. As a key benefit, the application requires advanced techniques for advanced protection from malware and security of personal details.

Pros of the app

  • Applies full-stocked free versions
  • An excellent option for malware block
  • High speed
  • Benefits of having extra tools (a VPN solution and a web safety plugin)
  • User-friendly interface
  • Available and simple in navigation

Cons of the app

  • Additional options are limited
  • It is slowing down your device
  • A paid package is expensive
  • Doesn’t contain free antivirus program

The application is available in a free variant to the operating systems but if you want to upgrade it you are straightforwardly required to operate the paid one and run the costs to Dri AVG technologies. Dealing with a free option doesn’t give you a wide range of protective options compared to the paid tool.

Highlights of the app

  • Fast scanning procedure for different kinds of issues
  • Advanced protection from viruses
  • Applying extra tools
  • Mac and Android free packages
  • Detecting suspicious files
  • Preventing threats
  • Blocking of phishing emails

Dri AVG technologies and pricing

AVG is considered to be quite an expensive program. That is because of the high quality and additional tools required for a paid version of software packages.

Internet security package

  • $69.99 for a year of use
  • $159.99 for two years of use

As additional options, you can straightforwardly manage TuneUp, Secure VPN, Password Protection.

Ultimate package

  • $119.99 for one year
  • $198.99 for two years

AVG Secure VPN, Password Protection, Driver Updater can be available to this package with preferable discounts.

All these packages can be easily bought with Dri AVG technologies. DRI (Digital River Ireland) provides marketing consulting services and transaction processing of AVG software. If you want to obtain one of the packages you will definitely deal with Dri AVG transactions. This incorporation is running all AVG orders processed via AVG web.

What else can you subscribe to via AVG web?

  • TuneUp  — It is considered to be an excellent optimizer for your computer. Your device will perform faster, junk files will be automatically deleted, the extra space appears because some unneeded files will be blocked.
  • Driver updater — The extra speed-up option will optimize your streaming and gaming.
  • Secure VPN — Privacy and anonymity will be provided on your device.
  • Antitrack — This tool will delete the history of browsing after the use of the app.