Norton Antivirus Review

Ultimate Review: Pros and Cons of Norton Antivirus

Even if you aren’t an expert in antivirus protection, you probably know a thing or two about Norton, as it is one of the most well-known brands on the cybersecurity market. Norton Antivirus has built its reputation as a trusted and reliable security product. However, is it the best solution to protect your computer right now, in 2020, and moreover is it worth your money? In this comprehensive review, we are going to describe the pros and cons of Norton antivirus and deliver a final verdict.

Norton Antivirus: overview

Like most antivirus products, Norton offers three components of protection. The first one is signature matching when unfamiliar and potentially malicious software is compared to already known malware programs. The protection is improved by heuristic analysis, which monitors the behavior of software and examines the code of new programs to catch malware before it harms your system. In addition to this, Norton produces new signatures with updates every day. If you are a gamer and don’t want your antivirus to interrupt your exciting gaming sessions, Norton Antivirus can adjust to your needs. Although there is no game mode as it is, you can switch Norton to the silent mode and minimize the number of user notifications and updates while the 3D graphics is running. Furthermore, Norton Antivirus offers protection of the system’s registry file to prevent unknown applications from installation as well as ransomware and spyware protection.

Pros and cons of Norton Antivirus

Like all security products, Norton Antivirus comes with its weak and strong spots. Here is a brief description of Norton Antivirus through the prism of its advantages and disadvantages. Pros 1. Fast scans. Norton Antivirus offers a noticeably smaller scan time. Other antivirus packages usually need a lot of time to scan your system for any malicious software and if the drive storage is large, it is really time-consuming. Norton Antivirus is designed to run scans faster. 2. Cloud-based protection. Norton Antivirus deals with viruses through cloud-based technologies. The antivirus program saves a small portion of antivirus software for offline evaluations while keeping all the scan data and antivirus algorithms on the cloud. 3. Norton Antivirus is more than an antivirus. It is a feature-packed solution that not only protects your PC but makes your experience on the Internet more comfortable. Norton Antivirus provides a password manager and many other cool features. You can log in to various websites and save the passwords as well as perform online transactions securely. 4. The interface is easy-to-navigate. Norton is always in step with the time. The dashboard is well-organized and easy to understand and use as well. Cons 1. There is no secure web browser. Although Norton Antivirus offers numerous great services, it doesn’t have a secure web browser. 2. Norton Antivirus requires a lot of resources. This antivirus solution is demanding on the resources, meaning that the system performance can be reduced. 3. Software issues. Using Norton Antivirus as a security solution can make it difficult to download and use some common and simple software. The antivirus doesn’t allow you to install the software and you have no choice but to abort the installation or disable the antivirus. 4. It doesn’t offer file encryption.

Our final verdict

Generally, Norton Antivirus is one of the best antivirus solutions if we look at its major features, the level of protection, and user-friendliness. Despite lacking a secure web browser, the antivirus product is filled of extra tools to provide excellent protection for your devices. Moreover, both mobile and PC options are available. Like many other antiviruses, it has pros and cons, however, in our opinion, it is worth your attention and money.


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