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Total AV vs Avast

Avast Antivirus shows the best what it can in using the newest and the most sophisticated approaches to provision of security to your PC. 

The intellectual system constantly reports about the potential attacks and malicious applications which can do harm to the computer.

Total AV vs Avast what is the best?

Avast Antivirus -is a complex software design to provide the maximum reliability and stability to the PC and the minimum impact on a system. Expanded technologies use intellectual methods for prevention of the attacks by viruses, trojans, spyware, worms, advertising softwares, rootkits and another types of threats, at the same time without reducing system productivity and without interrupting work.

Functions and advantages of Avast Antivirus

  • The processed interface

User interface of the antivirus was considerably processed and simplified that became result of testing of a usability. All text elements and notifications were updated, and the interface got support of languages with writing from right to left. There was brought much efforts to provide the users from all over the world with the best online support that can be developed so no matter where are you and which language do you speak, you still can easily use outstanding Avast services. .

  • Antivirus and anti-espionage protection

This tool allows you to provide an online protection from the malicious software that can damage your PC. All the algorithms included to the online security tool were designed to bring you as much efficiency as possible so there is a very little that anyone can intrude the system when the pro-active protection is turned on.

  • Constant updates

It is very important to get your signature base updated constantly in order to make sure is always ready for the new version of malicious software. 

  • Control of devices

Automatic scanning of USB USB sticks, memory sticks, CD and DVDs disks. Blocking of flash drives and all other kinds of removable in case there has been detected anything suspicious. .

  • HIPS function

You can define a system behavior in details: set rules for the system registry, active processes and programs and configure the strategy of protection.

  • Game mode

If you want to make nothing interrupting your gaming process just turn on this mode and you won’t be distracted by notifications and pop-ups at all until you finish playing. 

Total AV Review

Total AV – end-to-end solution of safety of the class Internet Security Suite with one of the fastest anti-virus engines in the market. 

The integrated cloudy web protection does safe visit of websites on the Internet. Your USB carriers will be protected by means of control of devices from potential infections with malicious software. In addition intellectual фаервол and spam filter works in the background, providing reliable filtering of everything of the computer entering and proceeding traffic on yours. 

Total AV completely protects yours confidential information and important data, does not slow down operation of the computer and works in the automatic mode, without distracting from your primary activity.

Main features of Total AV:

  • Automatically scans any USB devices for data transmission as soon as they are connected to the computer.
  • Traces websites to which children get access, and allows to block undesirable online resources.
  • Protection of privacy prevents theft of your personal information.
  • Web protection uses cloudy data in real time immediately to block access to harmful and phishing websites.
  • Intellectual multi level protection in real time, protection against rootkits and spam, bilateral фаервол and IDS.
  • Safe search displays the trust level of each website shown in search results.
  • Prevents exploits of “zero day”, vulnerabilities and drive-by of loading.
  • Total AV cleans a system from threats and automatically cancels all dangerous changes made by malicious applications.
  • Management of applications and games which your children can use.
  • USB vaccination for prevention of infection of removable mediums of data.

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